Helping high school students develop their full potential

Riverview helps high school students work towards becoming competent, generous and responsible men who understand that professionalism and excellence are best directed to serving our loved ones and society rather than just to obtaining wealth or prestige.

Big Picture Seminar

The Big Picture Seminar is designed to help young men develop a clear vision of their future starting now. With the advice and sound direction they receive in the seminar, these students will learn to see their high school years as an opportunity to develop the personal qualities necessary for greater success throughout their lives.

The purpose of the seminar is twofold: to help young men form high ideals, realistic goals, and practical plans for meeting the challenges awaiting them in the future, and to pass on advice for succeeding academically, choosing career paths and becoming effective leaders in the workplace and in society. Now is the time to start learning what it takes to build a successful future - to succeed as professionals and family men, and as informed, effective citizens.

The program is divided into two sections, which are complementary. Each one of them is self-contained.

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Summer Session

The summer session is an introductory event for students who will begin Secondary 3 in the fall. It is held in Riverview, and includes cultural visits, leadership sessions, sports and oudoors activities.

Fall-winter Session

One or two-hour seminars throughout the school year. Please contact us for the detailed calendar.