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Young professional development Westmount

At Study Center Riverview, our young interns take pride and pleasure in the activities that we organize for them throughout the year.

Teaching the boys to combine studies and work life with social development

Engrossed in their studies or work, most young people fail to take time off for themselves, thus neglecting their social life. This cause them to lead a stressful life which becomes more and more difficult to cope with as time goes by. That is why, at our campuses, we have defined young professional development programmes for the young guys where they can interact with their peers and participate in activities ranging from intellectual ones to spiritual ones. Those who want guidance to develop their Christian faith can also get help from the chaplaincy.

We assure you that your child can only benefit from all that we have to offer. So, do not hesitate to contact us for information on accommodation procedures. We can be reached in Westmount.