The Residence

& the Scholars Program

Riverview serves as a hall of residence for men. The atmosphere in the house relies upon the contributions of each resident, who in turn benefits from it. An applicant is offered a place on the understanding that he will, by his positive outlook, seek to maintain the high standards and family tone which have marked Riverview since 1968. 

Our Facilities

Riverview is located in the historic neighborhood known as the Golden Square Mile, downtown Montreal. Riverview is one block from McGill University. Concordia University is a short walk away. UQAM and Université de Montréal/HEC/École Polytechnique are easily accessible by public transit. Residents live in single rooms. A library and seminar rooms are available. There are common living rooms, a dining room and a chapel. Fees cover all meals, cleaning and laundry service.


Entrance Hall

Living Room

Entrance Hall

Living Room (2nd floor)

Library / Seminar Room


Living Room (2nd floor)

The Scholars Program

Young men of all ethnic and religious backgrounds become our residents by joining our Scholars Program. It is a program for all residents of Riverview that seeks to help students maximize their university experience. It is a full-year program that supplements the formal studies of undergraduate men who want to grow academically, professionally and personally.
The Program wishes to help develop a well-rounded person who gives of himself. It helps the student along his journey of growing and maturing into a man of integrity. Riverview thus strives to contribute to the moral, spiritual, cultural, and intellectual renewal of society by preparing selfless leaders of moral probity at the service of others.

Personalized Attention

Establishing personal and career objectives with a mentor who gives individually tailored advice.

Each Scholar is partnered with a mentor who shares experience and advice. One-on-one mentoring is the keystone of the program, as it ensures that Scholars develop the skills they need to achieve their potential.

Professional Development

Gaining skills to succeed as a student and as a professional.

The Student Success Series is a set of workshops on practical topics that give you helpful tools for success. Professionals and upper year students share in these discussions the methods they practiced to achieve a high level of proficiency.

Intellectual Engagement

Broadening horizons and learning from industry leaders and experts on various topics relevant to today’s society.

Evenings of conversation also help Scholars engage in thought-provoking discourse with their peers and guests. Seminars and lectures exploring social justice and other topics of cultural, social, artistic and professional importance are also offered to help Scholars develop a clear understanding of key issues for a leader of today.

Community Outreach

Serving the broader community by participating in service projects during the school year or the summer.

Scholars develop leadership skills through active participation in service activities in their local community, throughout the country and internationally.

Applications are welcomed from all who are undertaking full-time  study or research at recognized colleges and institutions of higher education, regardless of race, nationality or creed. It is assumed that most applicants will be seeking accommodation for the full academic year (September-April).

An interview will be arranged as part of the admission process, either during a visit by the applicant on site, on another location by a Riverview alumnus or by video conference.

Application Form

Fees per term

$ 5,040
(2020 – Sept. to Dec.)
$ 5,140
(2021 – Jan. to April)


included in the fees


Weekly personal laundry and ironing services are included. Bed linen and towels are provided and laundered bi-weekly.


Cleaning service 3 times a week (all bedrooms and common areas).


Fees include breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


Wireless Internet access is available; primarily for academic work.

Life at Riverview

Aside from being a university residence, Riverview also offers a variety of spiritual, cultural and intellectual activities for university students. These activities are open to men from all social, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

A wide variety of cultural and recreational activities is available to Riverview’s residents and their friends, such as get-togethers with representative personalities of the University and the business world, sports, and excursions.

The chaplaincy provides those who so desire with help and guidance in expressing and developing their Christian faith. This includes the opportunity for daily Mass, classes in Christian doctrine, and a wealth of cultural and academic talks with speakers coming throughout the academic year.

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About us

Riverview Study Centre is a student residence and educational centre for men near McGill's downtown campus. Since 1968, Riverview has helped in the formation of a large number of young men.

Activities of Christian formation at Riverview are entrusted to Opus Dei, an institution in the Catholic Church that helps people find God in their everyday life.